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Prevention is Better than Cure


Smoking related deaths per year in the UK
Children start smoking every year in the UK


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We all know our young people are vulnerable and could be easily led or manipulated by mentors, friends and celebrities into start smoking.

The tendency for young people, should they start smoking and become addicted, similar to drugs, is that the next step is to try alcohol, legal highs and other drugs.

According to official survey data, 207,000 children start smoking in the UK each year.

Our initiative is to stop them before they start by showing the early consequence of starting to smoke. As young teenagers, they are more self-conscious about their appearance, their complexion, their looks, their odour, their breath, their social standing.

Some of our anti-smoking scratch and sniff cards highlight the smell of smokers compared to clean/fresh non-smokers, along with an image of how smoking can affect a young person's appearance, health and wellbeing.

Antismoking Card card

This card shows a group of teenagers. Scratch each individual teenager until a strong stale tobacco smell is released and reveals the smoker in the crowd as opposed to the fresh smell of the others in the group.

Cards are available in a custom size of your choice, single or double sided full colour printing, in standard stock card weights.


Smoking is the primary cause of preventable illness and premature death, accounting for approximately 100,000 deaths a year in the United Kingdom.

It is estimated that each year around 207,000 children in the UK start smoking.

Among children who try smoking it is estimated that between one third and one half are likely to become regular smokers within two to three years.


St Andrew Print are scratch and sniff specialist printers who collaborate with leading consultants having expertise in illegal drugs, health & wellbeing, community safety and sports organisations.

These anti-smoking awareness cards can be produced to a customised design and bespoke size totally in accordance with client’s corporate guidelines.

Our graphic design team will work closely with your marketing people to produce a design that is in keeping with your corporate image and to ensure the highest quality printing.

To assist charities and non-profit organisations, we can offer a free print design service.


Smokers can get isolated

Prevention is Better than Cure

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